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“Since I discovered the Wave 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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Yolanda Hadid is best known as television star, author, former top fashion model, and mother of 3, including iconic supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. But most importantly, she is both a trailblazer and honest leader in the fight to bring education, awareness, and compassion to the study of Lyme Disease.


As detailed in her book Believe Me, Yolanda was diagnosed with chronic neurological Lyme Disease in 2012. For 6 relentless years, the invisible disease unraveled her personal and professional life, threw her to profound depths of doubt and despair, and sent her on a worldwide journey to discover a cure to what may be the greatest unknown pandemic of our time. In her journey, she explored every potential treatment for Lyme, including western and eastern modalities, shamanic approaches like ayahuasca and frog venom, homeopathic medicines, and more. Her extensive journey makes her uniquely positioned to understand the overwhelmingly challenging landscape of treatment.


Through the support of her loving family and her own indomitable spirit, Yolanda fought her way back to remission. But Lyme continues to leave its mark, as her children Bella and Anwar continue to suffer from the disease.

She’s answered the call to continue her fight, using her public platform to bring awareness, create resources, and inspire hope and determination in all those who struggle with this invisible, yet powerfully debilitating disease. Her sincere wish is that all sufferers of Lyme Disease will find a cure.

She has been honored for her work in bringing global awareness to lyme disease,  by The Lyme Research Alliance and stands as a symbol that together anything can be overcome.

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The FREmedica Wave 1 platform combines a sleek wearable device for your arm or leg with powerful software to emit targeted frequencies to your body's cells through light for the management of Lyme disease.

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