Frequently Asked Questions

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Wave 1
What is a FREmedica wearable device - WAVE 1 + waveforce ONE?

A FREmedica wearable is a frequency device developed that emits a series of frequencies designed to relieve the stress of living with Lyme. The patent-pending technology is housed in a sleek wearable device that straps onto your wrist, forearm or leg.

Why use and emit frequencies?

All matter (including people, animals, inanimate objects) is made up atoms, subatomic particles and fields of electrical energy, all comprised of frequency waves that can be measured. Our memories are stored as frequencies, and when we are exposed to a negative stimulus, we retain a copy of it in our nervous system.

FREmedica has discovered a way to positively emit frequencies for human wellness initially with a priority to help lessen the impact of chronic Lyme.

How does FREmedica know what frequencies to use?

FREmedica has developed a reliable proprietary methodology to capture and transmit frequencies on light waves using specialized software. Specific frequencies have been packaged and selected by the FREmedica team, based on years of experience.

How do frequencies enter the body through light?

Skin absorbs light frequencies in the same way it absorbs the energy of the sun. FREmedica’s technology delivers these frequencies on light waves. These are transmitted to the body in a safe, gentle, and non-invasive manner.

What frequencies are used in this product?

WAVE 1’s frequencies are transmitted to the body through two high powered red LEDs.
In addition, four coloured LEDs emit a ‘full-spectrum’ of light.
470 nm - Blue
560 nm - Green
626 nm - Red
850 nm - Infrared

Product, Orders, and Shipping
What is FREmedica’s return policy regarding new WAVE 1 wearables?

Orders of new WAVE 1 wearable include a 30-day return. Details are included in the product packaging.

What is the Standard Warranty?

The standard warranty is one year.

What is the shipping process?

FREmedica ships with DHL & FedEx for USA and international orders and Canada Post in Canada. Orders typically take four to six business days to arrive.