Kristal’s Full Interview


Kristal's anger, resentment and fear surfaces on her endless struggles with overcoming Lyme Disease. Her story is courageous and inspiring as she discovers that Lyme Disease is the culprit of her and her Family's symptoms. She finally finds calm in the storm with WAVE 1's frequency emitting wearable, which ends her and her Family's painful struggles. Kristal now has a new lease on life and believes WAVE 1 is her lifetime anchor.

A Perfect Pair


WAVE 1 And The WAVE Assistant App Work Together

To activate your WAVE 1, register the device through the WAVE 1 Assistant App. The App allows you to customize your device based on how you feel. The App also offers you customization on frequencies and runtimes, the option to advance or delay firmware changes, the ability to track your usage and update your personal information. Helpful tips are provided on the "How To" icon of your App to guide you further along your wellness path.


FREmedica's WAVE 1 technology is an easy to use, wearable device for your arm or leg, combined with powerful frequency software. WAVE 1's ground-breaking technology communicates with your body's cells through light for wellness management.

WAVE Assistant App

To maximize your use of WAVE 1's programmed frequencies, access your Assistant App regularly to review customization options and check your status. Gain critical updates and relay usage activity to our support team at FREmedica™, to help us in supporting you further.