Lyme Disease & Alternative Solutions

christine schaffner
christine schaffner


Join Dr. Christine Schaffner as she shares her expert insights on the complexity of Lyme disease and useful tips for effectively managing it. Here, she discusses co-infections, hyperactive immune responses and detoxification. Dr. Schaffner explains how emerging therapies are significant to every protocol. Most of all, she helps us to understand that self-administered tools, personal care and accessible modalities are the most empowering methods to healing.

A Perfect Pair


WAVE 1 And The WAVE Assistant App Work Together

To activate your WAVE 1, register the device through the WAVE 1 Assistant App.
fremedica wave 1


FREmedica's WAVE 1 technology is an easy-to-use, wearable device for your arm or leg. WAVE 1's ground-breaking bioenergetic technology is designed to communicate with your body's cells through light.

fremedica wave 1
wave 1 app interface

WAVE Assistant App

To maximize your use of WAVE 1's programmed frequencies, access your Assistant App regularly to review customization options and check your status. Gain critical updates and relay usage activity to our support team at FREmedica™, to help us in supporting you further.