Light Frequencies


Join Dr. Christine Schaffner as she shares her expert insights on the electromagnetic spectrums of light and sound and how these natural technologies can impact our biological structure and function. The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of frequencies and their respective wavelengths and light they discharge. It includes very low frequency to very high frequency waves, visible and invisible light. A chemical change in cells, tissues and organs of the body occurs depending on the specific frequencies used. Frequency delivery is an effective method of creating change.

A Perfect Pair


WAVE 1 And WAVE Assistant App Working in Harmony

Upon receiving your new WAVE 1 device, you must register your device through the Assistant App to activate its immediate use. Your device and App offers the perfect combination to help you support your wellbeing. To maximize your results, the WAVE Assistant App allows you to customize your device based on how you feel. The App also offers you customization on frequencies and runtimes, the option to advance or delay firmware changes, the ability to track your usage and update your personal information. Helpful tips are provided on the "How To" icon, of your App to guide you further along your wellness path.


FREmedica™'s WAVE 1 technology is a sleek, wearable device for your arm or leg, combined with powerful frequency software. WAVE 1's ground-breaking technology communicates with your body's cells through light for wellness management.

WAVE Assistant App

To maximize your use of WAVE 1's programmed frequencies, access your Assistant App regularly to review customization options and check your status. Gain critical updates and relay usage activity to our support team at FREmedica™, to help us in supporting you further.