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August 19 Event Replay Now Available

If you missed our epic event in August, watch the video below to hear from Doctors, Lyme Survivors and Guests about successes in lessening symptoms of Lyme as well as expert tools and techniques for dramatically changing the conversation for wellness.



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Learn about biophysics, cellular communication, light and frequency,
the WAVE 1 wearable, and FREmedica Technologies.

Hear more about Herxheimer Reactions, Detox, Drainage, Immune System, Sleep, Gut/Digestion, Binders, Diet, Lyme Testing, Inflammation, Cleansing, Brain Fog/Fatigue and Parasites.

Dr Connealy’s Center for New Medicine focuses on a precise and personalized approach to patient care, addressing the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. She remains steadfast in working to optimize the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Dr. Connealy will share her first hand experiences as a Doctor, and will highlight client care and effective results from using frequency technology.

She will discuss inflammation markers and how they substantially improved while using frequencies. Dr. Connealy will focus on the reduction of chronic Inflammation to support an overall empowered immune system, while repairing and restoring the body to its natural state. This homeostasis is imperative to the recovery process. Dr. Connealy is also part of the FREmedica Advisory Board and offers critical insight into frequency research and development.

As a performance and recovery consultant to top athletes and championship-winning sports teams, Keith faced a personal competition with Lyme. He celebrated his victory over the disease by mentoring the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Championship and earning two MLB World Series with the Washington Nationals and LA Dodgers.

Dr. Pyne shares both his personal and professional perspectives through his own quest to overcome Lyme disease. Recognized as the “Body Whisperer”, he strongly believes in making frequency technology a critical adjunct in the wellness toolbox, when dealing with Lyme.

Dr. Schaffner applies a diverse skill set to improving outcomes and speed of recovery for patients struggling with chronic and complex illnesses. Through her network of clinics, and renowned online programs,
Dr. Schaffner goes beyond biological medicine to help patients reclaim their wellness and get back their lives. Dr. Schaffner will review frequencies as a valued modality for wellness and how this can help you overcome Lyme. She will also cover important topics such as Detox, Drainage, Herxheimer Reactions and the ongoing issues surrounding Mold. She sits on the FREmedica Advisory Board and offers guidance on frequency research and development.

Did you Know?

Detox and Drainage are necessary cornerstones for supporting a successful frequency experience. The immune system only works when any pathogens within the digestive system, endocrine system, the skin, organs, and/or lymphatic system are cleaned up and ready to receive. What might prevent this process from occurring? Nutrient deficiencies, genetic differences, variations in total body toxicities and overall, an inability to detox.

Scott spent much of his life suffering from chronic Lyme disease that eluded diagnosis and defied a cure. On the long self-driven road to recovery he learned valuable lessons that he felt compelled to pass along. Now, as the BetterHealthGuy he keeps his thousands of followers inspired and informed of new treatments and technologies.

He has also been working with FREmedica Technologies since 2017 as an Affiliate Referrer and has kindly agreed to moderate our Changing Lyme for Life special event! Scott is a proponent of light, sound, frequency, and vibrational practices and understands the powerful impact on well-being. We are thrilled Scott is joining this exceptional panel of speakers while sharing his invaluable knowledge and insight.

Yolanda’s life as a model, mother and popular television personality was disrupted for decades by Lyme. The disease set her on a personal journey that she shared in her best-selling book ‘Believe Me.’ She recounts her recovery through a studied combination of medical insights, sweeping lifestyle changes and new technology.

Her inspiration and story of overcoming her darkest days, is one that shows courage, determination and a spirit that doesn’t give up. She is a fountain of knowledge and passionately wants to pay it forward to help others. Yolanda will share her top tips to minimize a Herxheimer Reaction and how she handles the microbial burden found in chronic stress. 

It’s one thing to suffer from Lyme disease. What’s worse is suffering as the parent of a child with Lyme. This is a story of love and tenacity. Entrepreneur, inventor and father of a daughter and two grandchildren with Lyme, Stephen set out to discover a path to recovery from the disease when traditional approaches failed.

Today, Stephen’s family is Lyme free and as CEO of FREmedica, he shares his WAVE 1 technology with Lyme sufferers across North America.Stephen has also kindly invited a Kentucky Lyme Support Group member to share her own story on recovery. These personal stories and more, will ignite your path to wellness. Discover new bold approaches while learning from a powerhouse of leading Lyme experts!

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