Getting Started With Wave 1

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Your First Steps


Download WAVE Assistant App for Mac or PC. Your App helps you register, track usage and set the intensity of frequency that works for you.


Charge WAVE 1 until the indicator light turns solid green, on the end of your device.


Once the device is fully charged and the App is downloaded, connect WAVE 1 to your computer with the supplied Micro USB Data/Charging Cable. Complete your User Registration, enter the required details, along with your name and primary email to activate your initial 90 day protocol.


User Registration must occur to activate use of WAVE 1. When complete, your App’s main screen appears.


Learn your App’s options, Intensity Levels, & frequency runtimes. (see section below)


Customize WAVE 1’s Intensity Levels while listening to your body. You know it best. You can test your comfortability while introduced to new frequencies during the first 90 days and afterwards. Select intensities based on your personal preference.


When ready, you can increase your intensity levels for maximum benefits.


If you are hyper-sensitive, decrease your settings to a lower level until you are comfortable.

Your First 90 days

Your Next 90 days start here

To receive the benefits from the WAVE 1 it is important to understand the method used over the first 90 days. Use the WAVE 1’s programmed frequencies to access the Assistant App regularly and review customization options while following your status throughout the process.

1-30 Days – Detox

Detox runs 30 minutes, PURPLE indicator light.

Stress & Anxiety runs 30 minutes or more, BLUE indicator light.

Balance & Restore runs 30 minutes, up to 8 hours, ORANGE indicator light (light only)

31-60 Days – Target – Lyme Basic

Detox runs 30 minutes, PURPLE indicator light.

Lyme Basic runs 30 minutes or more, BLUE indicator light.

Stress & Anxiety runs 30 minutes, up to 8 hours, ORANGE indicator light

61-90 Days – Intensive – Lyme Complete

Detox runs 30 minutes, PURPLE indicator light.

Lyme Complete runs 30 minutes or more, BLUE indicator light.

Stress & Anxiety runs 30 minutes, up to 8 hours, ORANGE indicator light

90 Days and Beyond – Lyme Maintenance
Continue building upon your life-long wellness by running the Intensive “Lyme Complete” session with Detox every day. All frequency phases are now fully accessible, including the Balance & Restore light only session.

How To Use Your Wave 1:



Select a strap that best fits you for your device and attach to your arm or leg.


Turn on by pressing the Blue Button on the top of your device (hold for 2 seconds). The indicator light will light up on the end of the device. To nourish and detox the body first, your initial daily session includes:

Detox runs 30 minutes

Stress & Anxiety runs 30 minutes

Balance & Restore runs 30 minutes


All devices are set at a low frequency intensity for each session. In the first few days, start your usage gradually. Test your body for a few minutes at a time for comfortability. Always start on low levels of intensities when a new phase is released each month.


For best results, gradually increase frequency intensity during each 30 day phase. Wear your device daily for all 3 full consecutive cycles at one time. Each 30 minute cycle automatically transitions into the next cycle to complete your daily session.


Your Initial 90 day protocol includes an automatic release of new frequencies every 30 days, when connected to the App with WAVE 1’s supplied USB Cable. Customizing your frequency intensities, wearing for a minimum of 90 minutes or more daily and consistent use, supports your on-going wellness for life.

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