Fighting Lyme

6 Years

Turning point moment

It was when my life was tolerable again with headaches and back pain

My Life With Lyme

Six years ago I was bitten on a golf course in Pickering, Ontario. It took 60 days to confirm that I had Lyme disease.

Started Using WAVE 1

December, 2008

My WAVE 1 Experience

As a football and Bball referee, when I was able to officiate, my knees and ankles would swell up and cause great pain. Now with my Wave 1, not only is there no swelling but my knees after a doubleheader, remain cool. I use my device everyday. In the morning, I use Lyme complete at 66% for 30 minutes and then detox at 66% for 30 minutes. I then detox for viruses and for 8 hours at 66%, I use the aches and pain setting.

The Turning Point

Within three weeks, my symptoms started to decrease. Headaches, back pain and joint swelling lessened very quickly. My life was tolerable again.

How I Found FREmedica

My son, Scott, worked at the B.C. Union Club and he served the FreMedica staff. While they were talking about Lyme, Scott told them that I had Lyme. The staff told him about the Wave 1.Scott told me and I purchased it.

My Message To Others

My life was a mess. The purchase of my device was life changing for me. It may seem expensive but it has been worth every dollar.

Yolanda's Story

“Since I discovered the Wave 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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