Fighting Lyme

0, Autoimmune Issues 18 Years

Turning point moment

As I used it I had so many odd and eye-opening things happen, even things I held in for years

My Life With Lyme

I actually don't have lyme disease, but I’ve had a lot of “autoimmune” issues for 18 years which I believe are mitochondrial disfunction due to many things that built up over time. For me, it’s mostly gut pathogen stuff; debilitating allergies, severe ulcerative colitis leading to a sudden colectomy and just basically feeling like I would never thrive again.

Frequency Therapy

Started Using WAVE 1

December, 2019

My WAVE 1 Experience

I kept a daily diary of wearing my Wave 1. The first few nights I felt very relaxed, a deep relaxation I haven’t felt in years. I was also nauseous, which I interpreted as a die-off of something in my body. In my subconscious slumber, I could actually feel frequencies emitting from it! Which I have to say was very cool! At first, I ramped up slowly according to protocol. 7 hours a night during the sleep cycle on my inner ankle.

This device is unlike anything else you will try. It’s not an “overnight” cure and you might not feel anything immediate like when you take a pill. In my experience, it is a gentle re-alignment…benefits show up weeks and months later…you say to yourself one day “hey, I DO feel better” or “I was able to do that”.

The Turning Point

I wore the FREmedica every night for 90 days straight…and then kept going. Our bodies take time to re-wire and align. I had many odd and eye-opening things happen when wearing the device, too many to list but things that were definitely related to wearing the FREmedica frequency device; even deep-seated emotions things I held in for years emerged.

I ramped up slowly and according to the wave software/app I used to control it. The third and “full phase” did bring up even more “stuff.” Especially in the second “kill” phase, I would be overstimulated and jerked awake. This subsides as you go on…but it’s proof (to me) something is happening. Like I mentioned before It’s not an “overnight” cure, it is a gentle re-alignment…benefits showing up weeks and months later.

How I Found FREmedica

After you are ill for so long, you do start to realize it’s so much more than one thing or one pathogen or…this lead me to frequencies which lead to much research and thus, I found FREmedica.

My Message To Others

The FREmedica device arrived very nicely packaged and was very high quality in it’s construction and technology. I was impressed. I said, “woah, this is like a real device!” After using it, I can say the battery life is fabulous and the elastic fabric straps are still like new and very robust. It is worth the money.

FREmedica’s customer service is awesome! I had a few questions and they were always answered quickly. I thought it was really cool that the company could see my device’s usage! This is great as they can really dial in your questions, etc. I was advised I could just wear the device 90 minutes a day vs. the seven hours I wore it at night. The nighttime seven hour wear time ritual just works better for me and others will find their groove too but it's great that FREmedica knows it's customers well!

I look forward to the day FREmedica can be a device that anyone can wear depending on the pathogen they are dealing with! I have some “weird’ gut pathogens that could be cleared with the right frequencies but for now, I’m limited to the frequencies FREmedica provides. This is groundbreaking new stuff and I think as we move on and learn more about pathogens, health and frequencies FREmedica will be a big player in helping people heal from chronic diseases and maybe even simple colds, flu, viruses, etc.

THANK YOU for making this healing device! Even Einstein said it: “the future of medicine is frequencies.” 🙂

Yolanda's Story

“Since I discovered the Wave 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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