Fighting Lyme

35 years
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Turning point moment

Went to Hawaii without WAVE 1 and my entire trip was miserable!

My Life With Lyme

I was likely bitten by a spider in 1986 on my right calf which developed into a 6 inch diameter bulls eye rash that turned into pain and weakness in this same leg. A few years later, I developed severe skin rashes and hives as well as digestive problems. I went to UCSF, Stanford Hospital, and Cedar Sinai in LA looking for answers with many Doctors.

I was misdiagnosed with Lupus, and was then asked for skin biopsies to rule out carcinoid syndrome in my digestive tract. I was also given another diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. My standard western medicine test for Lyme came back negative. I was then receiving a high dose of steroids which broke down the overall integrity of my bones through the years. Finally in 2019, I met with Dr. Connealy who confirmed on my first visit it wasn’t just rheumatoid arthritis. She ran CD57 and DNA Connexions tests, and when I returned to see her on my second visit she confirmed I had chronic Lyme.


Started Using WAVE 1

My WAVE 1 Experience

I use WAVE 1 at highest frequency and alternate between Sleep mode and Clarity and Energy.

The Turning Point

I didn't realize how intense chronic pain diminishes your mental and emotional welfare. I noticed slight changes in clarity because I wasn't distracted with ongoing pain. You forget how it feels to feel normal until you recognize the absence of acute pain. My CD 57 test doubled with my count being over 100 whereas it was in the 40 range before the use of Wave 1.

How I Found FREmedica

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

My Message To Others

Health is the most important asset we have. Instead of focusing on a material world, we must invest in our health above anything else.


Chrissy's Story

“Since I discovered the WAVE 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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