Fighting Lyme

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Turning point moment

I didn’t feel like death anymore upon waking.

My Life With Lyme

I grew up playing in the woods as a child in Connecticut. I suffered from unexplained odd health issues most of my life. I was constantly sick as a child and teenager. I got used just feeling under the weather all the time. As an adult, I suffered from Insomnia, weird reactions to things, nausea, feeling like I was going to throw up 24/7, fatigue, tremors, brain fog, joint pain, brain zaps. When I saw an Integrative Doctor for my kids who had similar health issues, I discovered I had Lyme (as well as my kids) and many co-infections. I started an aggressive treatment plan 3 years ago including antibiotics, antivirals, injections, and now doing homeopathy. When changes in my protocol occured the herxing was unbearable. With WAVE 1, it’s actually lessened!

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Started Using WAVE 1

August, 2021

My WAVE 1 Experience

I was sensitive at first when I used it at night. So I dedicated to wearing WAVE 1 during the day for the first 9 months. Now that my body is familiar with frequencies, I wear WAVE 1 at night to sleep better.

The Turning Point

I had deeper sleep, and more energy! I also found I could tolerate herxing much better while wearing WAVE 1. I didn’t feel like death anymore upon waking.

How I Found FREmedica

My friend Erin told me WAVE 1 was helping her. I couldn’t buy it fast enough!

My Message To Others

Start slow if you need to, you’ll get there. It's a marathon not a sprint.


Chrissy's Story

“Since I discovered the WAVE 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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FREmedica™'s WAVE 1

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Doctor Insights

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