Fighting Lyme

6 Months
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Turning point moment

Almost immediately, my stomach issues disappeared.

My Life With Lyme

I never felt sick with Lyme. I just had itchy skin, which is how I was diagnosed. I’ve had stomach issues my entire life, which mostly resulted in parasites. This symptom is where I noticed a significant difference while using WAVE 1.

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Started Using WAVE 1

June, 2017

My WAVE 1 Experience

I have worn WAVE 1 every single day since receiving it. I have two of the old models and two of the new models. I wear the newer model at night and the old model during the day!

The Turning Point

Almost immediately, my stomach issues disappeared. I travel constantly and every time I visited third world countries, no matter how particular I was about what I ate or drank, I would return with parasites and major stomach issues. Since wearing my WAVE 1, I've had virtually no issues. The device has really changed my life.

How I Found FREmedica

Stephen Davis was organizing a World Entrepreneurs Forum in Vancouver in 2017, and my husband was a speaker. We met, and Stephen shared Waveforce™ with us.

My Message To Others

Just do it. I have a gazillion health devices and this is, hands down, my favorite!


Chrissy's Story

“Since I discovered the WAVE 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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FREmedica™'s WAVE 1

Designed to help you live your life well and to the fullest

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Doctor Insights

Discover what the experts have to say about the WAVE 1