Fighting Lyme

11 Years
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Turning point moment

Complete exhaustion and autoimmune responses in kidneys, gut and skin.

My Life With Lyme

Complete exhaustion and autoimmune responses in kidneys, gut and skin.

Zoe Green

Started Using WAVE 1

My WAVE 1 Experience

I have more energy. Started having more restful sleep and have been dreaming. I am now also able to increase my hours at work and do more creative things!

I tried different times of day and night. Personally, I found wearing it in afternoon to evening the best time for me. When I increased the intensity of frequency, I experienced a couple days of fatigue but then this improved very quickly. Interesting, I felt some skin tingling on my first use at highest intensity.

The Turning Point

I quickly noticed sleep improvement, then energy, and then experienced overall better moods. I've had no viruses or infections of any kind since using device!

How I Found FREmedica

Heard a talk by Dr. Aimee.

My Message To Others

Regardless if you've had long term problems, improvements can happen, so try it! The endless support from the FREmedica team (especially Janis!) has been superb, especially when I experienced technical difficulties at the beginning.


Chrissy's Story

“Since I discovered the WAVE 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

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FREmedica™'s WAVE 1

Designed to help you live your life well and to the fullest

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Doctor Insights

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