You are special, and we know it!

Thank you for working with us.

As a current legacy WAVE 1 owner, you have access to FREmedica's 14 unique frequency packages. You have the opportunity to take advantage of these frequencies when and wherever you choose, for wellness on-the-go.

Your goal is to remain consistent on your wellness path. Please remember to wear WAVE 1 everyday to help build the momentum of change that is possible.

We are a technology company, with your best interest at heart. As our firmware and protocol evolves over time, you will have the option to update to the latest technology where necessary. While we continue to improve our product and expand our service delivery, these changes will happen to solely benefit your wellbeing. Please know, we value everyone’s feedback and are focused on a culture that has organically grown out of the innate desire to help others. We are here for you!

Commencing on October 2019, all new buyers will have access to a brand new Wave Assistant App which is different than the current one you have. Please know this App is tailored to a regimented 90 day protocol and updates every 30 days. During these initial 90 days, the user has access to 2 frequencies only.

We want to emphasize that even though your Wave Assistant App will not be instantly updated alongside new buyers, we are planning a special update for you in early 2020. Your new App will offer a renewed interface, and other special features for your WAVE 1 use.

Your exclusive frequency packages currently include:

In Health Mode

Detox (stronger than in wellness mode), Lyme Basic (Lyme/Co-Infections only), Lyme Complete (Lyme/Co-Infections, Viruses, Parasites, Bacteria and Fungals, including Mold), Viruses, Parasites, Bacteria and Fungals.

In Wellness Mode

Detox (releases toxins), Memory and Clarity (boosts memory/reduces brain fog), Energy & Strength (improves energy & stamina), Stress/Anxiety (reduces tensions & pressure), Sleep/Calm (promotes relaxation & restful sleep), Digestion (aids with digestive function), Aches and Pain Relief (lessens aches/pains).

Your Best Practices:

While suffering with Lyme disease, it’s important to continue wearing WAVE 1 consistently for a minimum of one hour daily. Follow your proper usage and best practices to help maximize your experience and gain your momentum for life-long change. Here are some helpful reminders...

To begin your Lyme protocol, please ensure Lyme in Health Mode and Detox in Wellness Mode are selected on your App.

IMPORTANT: Select the “i” icon on the top right of App’s main screen, click the settings button on the bottom right and enter 30 minutes for Detox. Your WAVE 1 is now programmed to run 30 minutes on Lyme (Blue indicator light) and 30 minutes on Detox (Yellow indicator light) consecutively. This is an automatic cycle.

IMPORTANT: You can select another Wellness Frequency AFTER you have ended your Lyme+Detox cycle. Select any wellness frequency in the Wellness section on your App, and remember to update your preferred run time for wellness (on the “i” page of the App). Your extra wellness frequencies can run for up to 8 hours. Accessible through the “i” icon on the main screen, you can increase from 30 minutes to a desired runtime based on what you need.

IMPORTANT: When you are ready to run this new Wellness frequency, please remember to press the blue button on the top of the device TWICE to skip the Health Mode (BLUE indicator light). When running any wellness frequency, your indicator light must be YELLOW.

Troubleshooting for Current Owners:

Are you faced with any questions while using your WAVE 1?

Please follow these helpful steps...

  • If during the session the blue or yellow light flashes red, that means the battery is getting low and the unit should be recharged.
  • If your indicator lights on your WAVE 1 are blinking intermittently with different colours or not turning on at all, please plug the unit into the wall charger overnight to let the unit charge and reconfigure itself.
  • If device is still not working after charging, you can reset/reboot by holding down the blue start button on the top for 8-10 seconds and release when the indicator light turns pink.
  • Are you using the correct USB cord from the WAVE 1 box? In order to ensure that the Wave Assistant App recognizes your Wave 1, please use the USB cable/cord provided to you from FREmedica. Wall Mount AC adapter (5 Watt, 5 Volt, 1 Amp) USB 2.0 cord (USB "A" to USB Micro "B").
  • Does the App not open when connecting Wave 1 to computer? In this case, run a “search” on your desktop.

Windows: Click your “windows start button” and use the search field down below.

Apple: Click the “magnifying glass” in the upper right corner of your Mac computer.

Look for your “Wave Assistant”. Once you find the location of your App, click/drag to your desktop for easier access.

  • If you are still having troubles with your App, please disconnect your device and fully shut down your computer. After a minute, restart your computer to ensure all the latest updates are applied to your operating system. After restart is complete, try to connect the device again with your App.
  • If your App is still not working when WAVE 1 is connected to the computer, please go to your Applications Folder and find your WAVE Assistant App icon and click/drag to your trashcan. Please redownload a fresh copy of the App for your type of computer below:
  • Please check. Here are your minimum requirements for running WAVE 1 Assistant App:
    • Windows 7 Vienna
    • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • If you receive any errors, please take a screenshot of the error on your desktop and email customer service at
Getting Started with the Wave Assistant App:

1. Download the application for either Windows or Macintosh, using the links above.

2. Connect your device to your computer which is connected to the internet.

3. The app will read one of the following to let you know the status of your device:

No Connection

No Connection

You are not connected to the internet. Please connect.

Unknown Device

Unknown Device

Our database does not recognize this device. Updates are not available, but you can continue to use the app. Please contact support at

Unregistered device

Unregistered device

The app will direct you to a link on our website to register your device. The app will still update on an unregistered device



The app is in the process of updating its firmware and frequency files.

Up to date

Up to date

Your device has connected to the internet and has installed any updates.