About waveforce ONE

A unique device designed to deliver frequencies with white and coloured LEDs.

FREmedica’s waveforce ONE helps people who have been labeled with chronic Lyme disease to manage the stress of their illness by emitting frequencies specifically chosen to desensitize the user to the condition. The patent-pending technology is housed in a sleek wearable device that straps onto your wrist like a watch. 

The waveforce ONE is small, lightweight, and portable. It’s non-invasive, and easy to use. It’s a one-time purchase, with a money-back guarantee, and it can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year. 

The waveforce ONE has been tested in free trials with members of Lyme Disease support groups, and has seen overwhelmingly positive outcomes. It has now been used by hundreds of people suffering from Lyme, with a self-reported 80% response rate. 

Clients who have used the waveforce ONE have reported vastly improved quality of life. They have reported lower levels of fatigue, brain fog, sensitivity to sound and light, and fewer problems with mood, sleep, memory and concentration, after wearing the device for just a few weeks.

The waveforce ONE was developed by a team of engineers led by Stuart Gross, who has nearly 20 years experience working in energy medicine. It is the flagship product of FREmedica, a company founded by Stephen Davis, whose own family members were diagnosed with Lyme and are now symptom-free.

Light Frequencies

White LEDs

Two high intensity white LEDs emit the waveforce ONE frequencies. They are absorbed through the skin and delivered throughout the body.

Coloured LEDs

Coloured LEDs emit green, red, infrared, and blue frequencies that provide a supportive quality to the body's systems and functions.