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“In the early 90’s Lyme Disease was not commonly known about on

… the west coast of the United States, but there I was with a positive blood test showing I had it. Most likely from the many times I spent in New York and Connecticut during that time. I caught it early as I had seen the bulls eye surrounding the bite and had flu like symptoms so my doctor gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics and sent me on my way. What would have been best is if he had said to come back in a week and get retested to make sure the antibiotics did their job in annihilating the spirochetes altogether. Looking back now, I think the Lyme remained in my system in a low grade way for years. Read more…


Entertainment Executive

Product used: 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation

“My name is Jadeen and my journey with Lyme disease began

… 12 years ago in Victoria, BC. I wasn’t aware that I was bit by a tick and I wasn’t aware of what Lyme or Lyme symptoms were at the time. When I first moved to Victoria in 2004 I often went camping on Vancouver Island. I knew there were cougars and bears, where we were always on the lookout, but never once did I worry about a tick. I started feeling ill in the summer of 2004. It started with Pneumonia, shingles, the Norwalk virus, strep throat. I thought it was what I was eating, so I cut out fast food and started cooking all my meals. Eventually I felt better, but never 100%. Read more…


Vancouver Island BC

Product used: 2nd generation, 3rd generation

“My case of Lyme disease went undetected for almost 30 years

… (despite regular attempts to find effective diagnosis in countless doctor’s offices), it was not until I sought the help of Stuart Gross several years ago that I finally began to find answers and hope to go along with them for the struggles that I faced all those years.

Sadly, I passed the bacteria onto all three of my sons through birth, so finding Stuart, who was able to not only diagnose the specific struggles that our bodies were facing, but also provide a solid framework for real treatment, was nothing short of a miracle for us. Read more…


Sunshine Coast BC

Product used: 2nd generation

“I was introduced to the biophoton device for my Lyme disease in

… November 2012. I had generalized pain 24/7, fatigue, weight loss, many food sensitivities, and just very poor health in general. I remember feeling ‘things’ moving around, mainly across my abdomen while using the device. I also experienced some nausea at first and remember being very tired.

I had been diagnosed with lyme disease in April 2012 after enduring the above symptoms for 3 years. After being treated with Stuart's emitter and some supplements, I was pain free in 3 months. I no longer have fatigue, and I am still slowly gaining weight back.

The first improvement I noticed was a light increase in energy after a few weeks of use. After 3 months I was totally free of the generalized muscle pain I had experienced for over 4 years. Moving and walking without pain was like a miracle.

Today I am still working on healing some of the damage left from Lyme, as this can take some time, but I am back doing activities like hiking and gardening. I have my life back.

It was simple, inexpensive, and the only thing that worked, as I had tried many different protocols and treatments using both alternative & western medicine. I highly recommend it.”


Okanagan BC

Product used: 2nd generation, 3rd generation

“I was introduced to this technology after having battled Lyme

… since 2007. I was shocked to experience such a drastic and rapid improvement in my condition after having exhausted so many other fruitless treatment protocols. Within a couple of months my energy had increased dramatically, and my other symptoms continued to fade away from that point on. I have my life back and am happier than ever!”


Santa Monica, CA

Product used: 3rd generation

“I had Lyme disease for 2 and a half years with my parents and I

… completely lost my mind at 22 years old. I couldn't remember where I was sometimes, I would get shooting pains in my head that felt like knives, weakness, severe insomnia where I couldn't sleep for 4 days straight, and many other horrible symptoms.

I tried every single herb that was good for Lyme, salt protocols, blood oxygenation, vitamin C IVs, and found SOME relief but if I stopped, the symptoms would come back full force. I even took antibiotics for 5 months and it only made me worse!! I eventually found the waveforce frequency emitter and at this point I was extremely doubtful that anything could work. But I tried it anyways.

I sat in front of this machine for 3 weeks, with the mindset that it wouldn't work. And within two months, my symptoms disappeared. My energy came back, the pains went away, and I slept normally again.

My parents had Lyme as well, and they tried it too. Their symptoms went away completely in a few months and we got a chance at a normal life again. Ever since then I haven't had any problems and it's been 3 years. This place saved my life, and my parents as well. I recommend this highly for anyone struggling with Lyme disease.”


Los Angeles, CA

Product used: 2nd generation, 3rd generation

“I was introduced to Stuart when I went to a new Lyme literate

… naturopath in town who had mentioned he was using a light therapy treatment for Lyme. I immediately phoned Stuart himself and we discussed Lyme and how it effects the body. I struggled with small seizures for many years and had MRI’s that showed nothing. At times I would not be able to focus or function. I was becoming more and more tired and struggling with day to day tasks and my seizure were happening more and more frequently.

After using the machine the seizures began to dissipate and I now no longer suffer from them at all. I feel clearer and am able to continue working without worry of having a seizure in front of my class anymore. I am thankful for the light machine and having met Stuart. I believe this machine saved my life. I cant explain how glad i am that i found out about the machine. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart Stuart!


Product used: 1st generation

“Vision problems, brain fog, burning pain, crawling sensation

… under skin and headaches. I visited Stuart and received frequencies by infra red light, plus I used a hyperbaric oxygen tank and infrared sauna daily for 3 weeks. After this my brain fog and muscle pain had gone.

I've been good since then. I see a good accupuncturist who tests my pulse regularly, says she can't believe I had Lyme. I recommend you all the time.


Product used: 1st generation

“I was existing, not living.

Main symptoms: CRP levels at 140, severe joint pain, hair loss, extreme weight loss , food tasted like cardboard. I could barely walk, had difficulty standing up or sitting down, and it was challenging getting dressed or undressed. I was fatigued all the time.

I took oral anti-biotics for the co-infection protozoa and they were working until my liver became stressed. A frequency, using those drugs, was created and put in the biophoton and then I was able to get better. After that, I treated all my co-infections with the biophoton therapy.

My life has completely changed for the better and I am alive today because my Naturopath was brilliant to give me these treatments. Most days I am pain free. I am able to walk farther and farther and I have started exercising. My energy is on the rise and I am starting to get back to a normal life.

I stopped biophoton therapy about 3 months ago. I think patients have been mistaking relapses for something else going on in their body. With Lyme Disease, it is like peeling an onion. When one bug is taken care of, then another bug, with similar symptoms, shows up.


Via Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic - Maple Ridge, BC

Product used: 2nd generation

“My symptoms were not very severe compared to many others, but

… I was suffering from daily headaches, foggy brain, forgetting everything, extreme fatigue, stiff neck, stiff and swollen fingers and toes, difficulty thinking and concentrating and a swollen right foot.

I could function during the day and I could work, but I would have achieved better and faster results on my projects without the Lyme disease. After work, very tired and not being able to cook and exercise and do the normal daily things but going to bed very early. I was a long distance runner and was not able to go for a 5 k walk anymore.

I followed Dr. Boutet’s regime of antibiotics and supplements starting in August 2015 till Christmas 2015 when I started with the Biophoton therapy for the Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain fever. I continued exercising and eating healthy.

I can finally think again and concentrate on my projects at work and discuss items with my colleagues instead of just trying to listen and only half of the information receiving.

I can exercise again without crashing after the exercise and improve my fitness level every week and plan races, events without feeling that something is holding me back.

I was starting to feel really good just after finishing the Biophoton Therapy just after New Years and have felt well ever since. Sometimes I have symptoms and second guessing myself if it’s a Lyme related symptom or if it is just a headache. Not a relapse so far.


Via Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic - Maple Ridge, BC

Product used: 2nd generation

“When my daughter became ill with Lyme she was unable to function

… and her development just stopped. She wasn't able to attend school because she could no longer focus and she had severe headaches, light sensitivity, reduced mobility, insomnia, and extreme anxiety just leaving her bedroom. She completely shut down and the impact was devastating.

She had biophoton therapy for Lyme and coindections.

She has her life back. She is happy and going out daily, enjoying her horseback riding and friends. Her enthusiasm and humour have returned and her paediatrician and psychologist are astonished at her progress. Remarkably, she has even caught up with her school work.

5 months. No relapse, just continued improvement and every day I am overwhelmed at her progress and in absolute awe of biophoton therapy.


Via Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic - Maple Ridge, BC

Product used: 3rd generation

“My son’s Lyme symptoms were quite vague initially but he started

… having problems at school with focus and concentration, followed by debilitating anxiety. He was also struggling with pain and swelling of his small joints and pain on waking and walking even short distances. He started getting headaches and had trouble sleeping too.

Biophoton for Lyme and several coinfections.

He is back in school with no problems, coping well emotionally and socially, excelling academically. His aches and pains are much improved and he is back to being a happy and easy going 9 year old.

6 months, no hint of Lyme.


Via Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic - Maple Ridge, BC

Product used: 3rd generation

“My Lyme was largely asymptomatic and was only identified after

… both children were diagnosed. I had always accepted the occasional headaches, tiredness, and swollen joints as normal and just got used to these symptoms.

I did a week of biophoton therapy for Lyme and subsequent weeks for three of four coinfections.

I feel better than ever, no headaches or joint pains. I have heaps of energy and I can't remember the last time I was sick. My allergies have almost disappeared and I couldn't be happier.

8 months. No relapse, just onwards and upwards.


Via Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic - Maple Ridge, BC

Product used: 3rd generation

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