Thrivality Podcast: Eric Shadd with Stephen Davis / Part 1

As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professional (FDN-P), Eric Shadd is passionate about synthesizing the very best in health optimization for those dealing with complex illnesses such as Lyme and related co-infections. Eric battles with chronic fatigue, severe gut imbalances, Lyme co-infections, parasites, hormonal dis-regulation (adrenal, thyroid, pituitary),
and heavy metal toxicity.

Eric shares his own initial experience with the WAVE 1 and how it has helped bring his recovery to the next level. Eric is now in Phase Four of the WAVE 1 program and is feeling considerable improvements. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interview, showcasing his latest progress!


1. How Stephen became interested in Lyme even though he personally did not have the condition…


2. Why it took 8 years to get an official Lyme diagnosis for his daughter and her two kids


3. What conventional and alternative Lyme treatments, if any did they try…


4. The wildest/weirdest/sketchy thing Stepnen and his family explored


5. The details of my own health journey including dental accident, tons of antibiotics, many gut issues, and eventual discovery of Bartonella/Lyme


6. What were the specific events and people that got Stephen interested in frequency for health and healing


7. Why Lyme is so challenging to discover and treat? Hint: it mimics over 300 health challenges


8. How the WAVE 1 is different from the zillion frequency devices out there


9. What limits success with the WAVE 1 device and program


10. What therapies compliment the WAVE 1


11. What successful WAVE 1 customers do to ensure success: Hint: use it every day without fail


12. What a user expect should when using the WAVE 1 and more


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