Get back to Life

Frequencies, from nature to technology, are a natural form of communication. WAVE 1 is a lightweight, bioenergetic wearable that is designed to restore proper cellular function and strengthen immunity to help overcome the symptoms of Lyme Disease and co-infections.


The WAVE 1 Advantage

Cells use frequencies and chemical messengers to communicate with one another. This communication is used in every living organism on earth to assist in renewal, repair and restoration processes. Following the innate intelligence of the body, frequency application offers a clear advantage to help you overcome energetic imbalances and achieve greater optimal function and balance, for ultimate wellness.


Scientifically researched WAVE 1 bioenergetic technology offers a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution for your wellness journey. Take back your life using our innovative, Frequency Support Program.


What is WAVE 1?

The WAVE 1 wearable frequency device is intended to optimize cellular communication and stimulate biological competency. It is a safe and non-intrusive approach aiming to accelerate recovery and can be used as a daily complement alongside other modalities.