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Frequencies, from nature to technology, are a natural form of communication. WAVE 1 is a lightweight, bioenergetic wearable that is designed to restore proper cellular function and strengthen immunity to help overcome the symptoms of Lyme Disease and co-infections.


The WAVE 1 Advantage

Cells use frequencies and chemical messengers to communicate with one another. This communication is used in every living organism on earth to assist in renewal, repair and restoration processes. Following the innate intelligence of the body, frequency application offers a clear advantage to help you overcome energetic imbalances and achieve greater optimal function and balance, for ultimate wellness.

How does it work?

The biological properties of normal and damaged cells, which have lost their ability to communicate, are being studied with new and exciting fields of research in frequency, light, and sound applications. With the ability to deliver ultra-low frequency fields through light and sound, we can create a harmonious impact on our own cell signaling. In essence, this practice can help repair and restore cellular communication, and continuous biological changes can occur.


Your WAVE 1 bioenergetic wearable includes magnetic elasticized straps in 3 sizes for your arm or leg, a USB Data Charging Cord & Wall Charger. Easy and simple for any home-based or on-the-go needs.


Every WAVE 1 comes with complementary access to the WAVE Assistant App to help you gain access to the Frequency Support Program. Compatible with MAC and PC computers, and includes tips, advice and guidance on your wellness path.

Stephens Story

Stephen’s Story

FREmedica CEO Stephen Davis’ daughter and two grandsons were diagnosed with Lyme disease over 12 years ago.
They are now living normal lives.

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Get Your Life Back Today.




  • WAVE 1 Bioenergetic Wearable
  • Frequency Support Program
  • Wave Assistant App
  • Exclusive Access to Support Emails
  • Magnetic Attach Straps in 3 sizes for arm or leg
  • USB Data Charging Cord & Wall Charger
  • Three Month Payment Option
  • One Year Warranty & 30 Day Return
  • Mac and PC compatible only

Note: All shipping costs, duties and taxes not included.
United States and Canada shipments only.

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What our customers say

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“Since I discovered the WAVE 1, I have been living a life in remission without 90% of my chronic symptoms”

“WAVE 1 is my lifeline when I’m down, tired or sick.”

“I can’t imagine life without my WAVE 1”


Scientifically researched WAVE 1 bioenergetic technology offers a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution for your wellness journey. Take back your life using our innovative, Frequency Support Program.


What is WAVE 1?

The WAVE 1 wearable frequency device is intended to optimize cellular communication and stimulate biological competency. It is a safe and non-intrusive approach aiming to accelerate recovery and can be used as a daily complement alongside other modalities.

WAVE 1 offers adjustable straps, an anodized case and lithium battery for durability.

What does the Frequency Support Program deliver?

Detox and Stress & Anxiety are designed to release toxins, open lymphatic pathways and calm the nervous system. These essential  sessions are geared towards balancing and restoring your body for comprehensive support.

Its cornerstone session called Lyme Complete is engineered to reignite the immune system while addressing Lyme, Co-Infections, Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses & Fungals (including Mold).

Why should I try the WAVE 1, Frequency Support Program?

Every living organism such as plants, animals and humans communicate with information in the form of cellular frequency. These frequencies have bioregulatory effects seen in the circadian rhythms of humans, mating behaviours of animals and in the growth and repair of plants. Optimal frequencies increase a cells’ ability to communicate with other cells, tissues and organs. 

The WAVE 1 Frequency Support Program is designed to work synergistically with this intelligence to empower a strengthened immune system. Our customers report that WAVE 1 aids in lessening the symptoms of Lyme and Co-Infections.

Has WAVE 1 launched a new Frequency Support Program?

Yes, we listened to our WAVE 1 community. Our users asked for simplicity and a more user friendly approach to its program. FREmedica Technologies has returned to its original methodology used on its former Waveforce ONE wearable.

You easily turn on and wear WAVE 1 each day! You no longer have to worry about intensity settings or graduate to monthly phases. All new WAVE 1 users can achieve their goals to feeling better more seamlessly.







Speak to a WAVE 1 Specialist

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Stephen davis

founder/CEO fremedica technologies


FREmedica CEO Stephen Davis’ daughter and two grandsons were diagnosed with Lyme disease over 12 years ago. Stephen researched various treatment options with little success. He began researching a technology using light to deliver frequencies into the body to help recover proper cell function. By this time, Waveforce Electronics had developed three prototype devices that used frequencies with light-emitting technology to produce promising results. In 2016, FREmedica™ was incorporated by Waveforce Electronics for the purpose of launching WAVE 1 wearable technology, designed to help people take their lives back from Lyme Disease. In the wake of merging these two initiatives, Stephen’s daughter and two grandsons have been symptom-free for over six years after using the first and second-generation devices. They are now living normal lives.

“I was a desperate Dad. WAVE 1 changed everything. My daughter and grandkids are now symptom free. If you, your family, or friends have Lyme, I truly believe WAVE 1 is your answer.”

Stephen Davis, CEO/Founder & Lyme Survivor Parent

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