What to Expect


FREmedica is an innovative, science-based, and results-oriented company passionately dedicated to helping people find relief from Lyme disease. We welcome your curiosity about the WAVE 1 wearable frequency emitter and our Lyme Frequency Support Program. We invite you to join us in changing Lyme for Life.


We offer relief to a community of frustrated Lyme sufferers. FREmedica has developed a progression of frequency packages that include a gradual introduction of this life-changing technology. Clients begin the Lyme Frequency Support Program with Detox, Stress & Anxiety, and Balance & Restore. This first release of frequency technology supports the opening of pathways that calms the nervous system to prepare the body for more intense frequencies in Month 2 and 3 of the Program. Frequency optimization is personalized for every user with intensity levels.

We fully support every FREmedica-direct buyer on their journey to wellness. The FREmedica team offers professional guidance on the user experience, its technology, and hardware.

Note: If you have bought from someone else, or borrowed a device from a family member, friend, or practitioner, please have the original buyer contact FREmedica’s customer service for advice on our product, technology, and the user experience. Currently, we only service FREmedica buyers who purchase directly from us.

We share a commitment to trust, professionalism, clear and honest communication, and community support. As goodwill ambassadors, we are always eager to discuss your interest in developing any form of outreach within your Lyme Community.


We are not medically licensed or holistic practitioners.

We don’t offer health advice or prescribe supplements, modalities, or medicine. Always seek professional medical advice for the diagnosis and treatment of any health condition.

We don’t state or imply any medical claims relating to the use of any of FREmedica devices or frequency files.

We don’t accept medical reports including blood work, Lyme tests, or other patient-doctor medical history.

We don’t diagnose, claim to cure, prevent, treat, or mitigate any medical condition or disease with the use of any FREmedica device or associated frequency packages.