Discover the benefits of Lyme-specific frequencies. Learn through testimonials and professional experience how FREmedica™ is ending the frustrating and costly search for relief for Lyme sufferers around the world.

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“I absolutely love the WAVE 1 device! I use the WAVE in my daily life to optimize my wellness and hack my happy. I recommend the WAVE 1 device to anyone who is working to efficiently get their body and mind back into balance from many things especially exposure to Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses and associated co-infections.”
– Jody Levy

About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention. The FREmedica™ Lyme Support Program is the product of our founder’s search to find relief from Lyme for his daughter and grandchildren after years of frustration and enormous expense. Achieving success for his family set the path to helping thousands of sufferers of this debilitating disease get their lives back.

Our Stories

The FREmedica™ Lyme Frequency Support Program is providing long-sought relief for a fast growing global community of Lyme sufferers who are changing Lyme For Life. Their stories are testament to the science and the results of frequency optimized cell communication.

our science

Einstein saw frequency medicine as the medicine of the future. Proprietary FREmedica™ technology has turned his vision into a wearable, non-invasive frequency delivery system that targets Lyme with a package of Lyme specific frequencies that restore cell communication and optimize wellness.

Doctor’s Insights

By compromising the immune system, Lyme disease invites other illnesses and issues. FREmedica™ doctor affiliates apply our Lyme Frequency Support Program to restore immunity and prepare the way for further frequency and other approaches to health issues not directly related to Lyme disease.

Lyme Support Program

The Lyme Frequency Support Program has been created to repair cell function damaged by Lyme and restore immunity. Most WAVE 1 users see real benefits within months and are prepared to begin dealing with co-infections unrelated to Lyme.


Join the thousands of Lyme sufferers who have found relief through the non-invasive FREmedica Lyme Frequency Support Program. Expect to get back to the life you enjoyed before Lyme.


The Wave 1 frequency emitter carries a full 12 month warranty on parts and labour.


FREmedica is offering a 6 month, 100% refund on the Lyme Frequency Support Program and hardware, less $100 shipping and handling costs. You have nothing to lose except Lyme.

Become An Affiliate

The FREmedica™ Lyme Frequency Support Program is an important complement to other Lyme therapies provided by our professional affiliates. As a key component of the program, the WAVE 1 frequency emitter also optimizes general wellness and targets health issues unrelated to Lyme.


Lyme disease is a master of disguise. Even a seemingly minor, but new and persistent symptom may preview other and worse issues in the future.


Do good. And do well. FREmedica offers forward-thinking investors a unique and timely opportunity to engage with the leading edge of innovation in the growing health and wellness industry. Invest in FREmedica and help us improve the lives of thousands.

Payment Options

Dealing with Lyme disease is not only frustrating, it’s costly. At FREmedica™ we offer affordable relief, including crowd-funding and payment options to ease your access to better health.

Get Well With a

Little Help From

Your Friends.

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS, YOU CAN BE ON THE ROAD TO RELIEF. Start a CoCoPay crowd-funding project for yourself or someone you know who has Lyme. You have nothing to lose but Lyme!