Wave ASSistant App

wave 1 app interface

You are in control of your WAVE 1 device with the WAVE Assistant App. Download this free software for your PC or Mac today.

Minimum Requirements:
Mac OS 10.11.6 (or later) or Windows 7

Your Best Friends

WAVE 1 & The WAVE Assistant App 

The WAVE 1 is complemented with its WAVE Assistant App to help you along your wellness journey. Your device and App work together to support your experience. Your benefits are included below: 

  • As a first time user, you must activate your WAVE 1 by connecting your device with your App on your computer. All device users must enter their name and personal email to register with FREmedica™. As a WAVE 1 user, this is your gift for life.

  • Your activation allows you to gain access to critical frequency updates through your introductory Lyme Frequency Program and after this period completes.

  • FREmedica can also help guide you along your experience and offer service support on your progress, when requested.

  • Gain access to further support on how to best use your App features and tools. Through the  icon on your App’s main screen, you can logon to FREmedica™’s Educational Portal to gain access to a plethora of support information about your device, experience, and App interface.

  • Check your WAVE 1 battery level. After every use, recharge your WAVE 1 with the USB cable and wall charger for a full 8 hours. Red Indicator light is low battery, Green Indicator light is charging mode.

  • Listen to your body. You are in control of your wellness destiny. Customize your intensity levels on a regular basis to help maximize your results.

  • After your Lyme Frequency Program, your App allows you to freely select the Frequency packages that you need and prefer the most. For best results, be sure to continue your Intensive – Lyme Complete session with Detox every day, to build momentum for your life-long wellness.